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[Arizona-based] electronic dance music Artist Yules creates and harbors a party-FIRST experience with his electrifying upbeat plethora of house music from behind the decks. Each unhinged, energetic, and hyped-up set he plays proves his berzerk-like personality is felt time and time again. His eccentric song selection, mixing dexterity, and ability to stimulate a crowd are all the craze. After coming on to the local scene in Arizona the 29 year old is committed to shaking things up with a fun happy go lucky approach to branding.Yules’ party-forward presence has granted him to play performances at thewell-known venues opening for top Artists. What Yules manifests for his fans, listeners, and supporters is a timeless and high-energy experience to be felt and lived over and over. This is Yules.

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Performance History

Yules has played top venues such as The World Famous Avalon in Hollywood, California and the intimate renowned vibe of Shady Park and SunBar, Tempe. Along with this he has opened for acts such as Deorro, Ghastly, Phantoms, Autograf, Hotel Garuda, Pickle, Cazztek, Option 4, Freak On, R3LL, Ranger Trucco, Ekonovah & More.

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